Moulds Plus International, with headquarters in Villalvernia (AL), Italy, has over 20 years of experience in custom production.

With our 4000 square metres production facility, we can offer in-house engineering and design. Our mission is to work side by side with our customers to develop plastic and metal products that meets our customer needs in a timely manner. We want to be an active partner to our customers. We support our customers as a research and development branch of their company and we
actively take part in product engineering by offering our know-how and expertise to obtain the best quality product at a competitive price.

We support our customers by helping them to choose the right materials, from engineering polymers to metals, as well as helping them choose the best performing mold designs while keeping an eye on manufacturing cost of the molds and the production of parts.

We apply our know how to help our customers in choosing the right mold solution so that productivity, costs and quick turnaround times are fully executed. Moreover, in terms of industrialization, we can offer assembling techniques, necessary treatments and the most suitable packaging solution for your business.